3… no more no less

(NOTE: after i posted this, i realized, this was my THIRD post… no shit!)

the magic of threes is another one of those things that, once you discover it, it sorta sticks with you.  it’s like the number 106 and “faith” by george michael.  i’ve pretty much always thought in threes and try to do things […]

When James Murphy retired…

when James Murphy retired it was the end.
when James Murphy retired we lost our bridge.
when James Murphy retired life got different.

there is a soundtrack to life and it is diverse. and there are moments in this soundtrack that are classical crescendos or they’re long drawn jam band runs.  it’s diverse and plays at all volumes but it all runs together to give you a […]

metamorphoses through veritable revolution

I read the following passage a long time ago and I must have been only twenty-one or twenty-two years old. I remember reading the book because I thought it was cool to read sartre. I guess it was probably also influenced by the following skit on monty python, but i know i was looking for philosophy at the […]