When James Murphy retired…

when James Murphy retired it was the end.
when James Murphy retired we lost our bridge.
when James Murphy retired life got different.

there is a soundtrack to life and it is diverse. and there are moments in this soundtrack that are classical crescendos or they’re long drawn jam band runs.  it’s diverse and plays at all volumes but it all runs together to give you a unique theme.

i’ve had a lot of twists and turns in my soundtrack, but in all, i feel luckier than anyone to have lived in this particular stream of music. my musical taste, like many, was influenced at the young age by my brothers (doors and stones) but i quickly turned to dig my own thing, influenced by friends and some innate drive to not fit in”. My musical taste (i guess you can get a feel for it here… jaymce radio) followed me… my first cd was speaking in tongues by the heads and i shifted into naked raygun and the clash, and then the pixies, fugazi and beyond. fast forward years to radiohead and deep spotify dives where where you find nomo with shawn lee.

each are gateway bands in their own way.  they lead you in a direction of another or they summarize a stage in life.


every once in a while a band comes along and becomes a part of you.  they are just that good.  they just hit you in the chest and you cant get it out of your heart.  for me, one of those bands was lcd soundsystem.  james murphy and crew are simply the best band thus far, this century. it drives.  it’s hard and it moves you. it hit every musical chord that i dig… and now it is gone. i can at least say i was lucky enough to have seen them in what is absolutely one of the best five live show of my life.

ya see, lcd soundsystem is a gateway band for me. they both summarize a period and point in a direction for me. they have this incredible ability to harness hard energy and rhythm. it’s hard core energy and chill out all in one.


shut up and play the hits is a record of the final week as told by james murphy.  it is seinfeld.  it is about nothing… and everything.  but it is also musical heaven. this documentary made me realize that james murphy is the great link from my generation, gen x to the millenials.  it pulls our history and overlays it on the dance and pop of theirs.  it’s odd and great. that said, james was a bridge and the only true bridge we had.  sure, this new generation can go to a pixies show or check out u2 or janes, but they are seeing a representation of the past, not a true overlay and rework.  THAT is what lcd was.

they were the end. we are all too old now to be able to do this again.

someone great

and one final word. thank you james murphy for “someone great”.

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