3… no more no less

(NOTE: after i posted this, i realized, this was my THIRD post… no shit!)

the magic of threes is another one of those things that, once you discover it, it sorta sticks with you.  it’s like the number 106 and “faith” by george michael.  i’ve pretty much always thought in threes and try to do things in threes.  (thanks television… see below)

often when i make presentations, i’ll say things like “there are three reasons for…” whatever the topic is.  in my mind i don’t know what the three are.  i’ll have once or two conceptualized and as i’m talking it through there is this clock ticking down telling me i better think of the third. it magically arrives, sometime just as words are coming out of the mouth.

so then, why is three magic? oh, i guess because it is the simplest framework you can have.  one is no framework and 2 is just a binary switch.  three gives you a forum for discussion.  i have no scientific proof myself but three makes it easy for you to remember. we have three dimensions of space (length width height), time (past present future) and ith numerical order we have negative, zero and postive.  it’s also the round down version of prime and you need three points to determine a shape (minus one is just a line). even the photographic eye is broken down into threes. there were three magi, three little pigs and charlie had three angels.

shit, it’s just nature.

and in my line of work i am always trying to help people remember.  i want a customer to consume info.  i want a sales guy to remember what to say. or i want an employee to deliver results.  regardless, i’m always in threes.endeavor alays to break systems and problems down into threes

  • you need to present something to your team?  three agenda items.
  • you need to get shit done? outline three phases
  • you need to make a point? use three bullets (ha, see what i did there?)


it’s the magic number… no more no less.  somehow i owe it all to schoolhouse rock and de la soul.

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